Mortem Aeternum Permadeath

Dungeons & Dragons Online with permanent death

The land of tears gave forth a blast of wind,
And fulminated a vermilion light,
Which overmastered in me every sense,
And as a man whom sleep hath seized, I fell.

— D. Alighieri, “Divina Commedia,” canto III, trans. H. W. Longfellow 1867

Mortem Aeternum Permadeath Guild Rules

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Entering the Guild

To join the guild (located on the Sarlona server), a player is required to read the rules and to agree to abide by them. Upon confirming that the player is familiar with the guild rules, any officer may add the player to the guild, provided that the new member is a new toon at level 1 with no prior deaths.

Character Death

Looting Bodies

What About My Gear?

Raising the Dead

Being Raised from the Dead

Reincarnation Rules

Items and Equipment


Magic is (Not Quite) Everywhere

Daily Dice

You may not use daily dice, including gold rolls.

Auction Houses and Brokers


You may not purchase hireling contracts or use hirelings.

Wolf/Iron Defender Companions



Exploring, Slayers, and Rares


Quest Re-Entry

You may not re-enter a quest until the quest instance has been reset.


Crafting is allowed.


Collectables are encouraged.

DDO Store

Only the following may be purchased/acquired from the DDO Store:

This Game is Bugged

If your character dies because of broken quest mechanics, lag, erroneous falling damage, or stuck spots, this does not count as a permanent death. We trust that you know not to abuse this rule, as otherwise you wouldn’t be playing permadeath.

Veteran Status

Special Events

Guild members are not permitted to partake in any special event(s). This means no Crystal Cove, no Risia Ice Festival, etc.

Respec’ing Characters

Respec’ing characters (that is, re-specifying them using Fred, enhancement resets, and/or Lesser Reincarnation) is allowed. This includes using items from the DDO store to do so.

Guild dismissal

DDO is a game and is played to have fun. The members of Mortem Aeternum enjoy the added challenge of permadeath in order to have fun when playing. As such, we do not see the purpose of not following the rules of the guild when there are so many other non-permadeath guilds available. Nevertheless, a player found to have broken one of the guild rules, or to have acted in an offensive and inappropriate manner towards one or more players, will be expected to explain the reasons for that to officers. Such a player should expect that dismissal from the guild may occur. Repeated offenses, regardless of reasons, will result in dismissal.


[1] “Roguing gear” is defined as thieves' tools, as well as any equipment items that bestow, passively and/or actively, at least a +1 bonus to one or more of the following skills by name: Spot, Search, Disable Device, Open Lock. That is, a piece of equipment giving a bonus to skill checks in general does not count for the purpose of this definition.

[2] “True Reincarnation” (TR) refers collectively to Heroic, Racial, and Iconic Reincarnation.

[3] Note that this makes using a lesser form of raising (e.g. Raise Dead) on companions counterproductive, since it means having the raiser leave the quest just to save a companion that cannot actually permanently die anyways.