Mortem Aeternum Permadeath

Dungeons & Dragons Online with permanent death

The land of tears gave forth a blast of wind,
And fulminated a vermilion light,
Which overmastered in me every sense,
And as a man whom sleep hath seized, I fell.

— D. Alighieri, “Divina Commedia,” canto III, trans. H. W. Longfellow 1867

Rules: TL;DR

An abridged & incomplete version of the Rules.

Entering the Guild

To join the guild (located on the Sarlona server), a player is required to read the rules and to agree to abide by them. Upon confirming that the player is familiar with the guild rules, any officer may add the player to the guild, provided that the new member is a new toon at level 1 with no prior deaths.

Character Death



You may not purchase hireling contracts or use hirelings.

Grouping and Questing


Veteran Status

Them's the Rules

DDO is a game. If you play in a permadeath guild like Mortem Aeternum, you're doing it to have fun. If you, for some strange reason, go around breaking the rules and/or being kind of a jerk, expect to be kicked from the guild.